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The tree trimming services we provide will remove damaged and unhealthy limbs from trees on your property. We can also prune branches that are close to buildings and homes.

Tree pruning should not be confused with tree trimming. Tree pruning is done when the tree is still young to make specific cuts in order to make sure the tree grows in the proper direction and shape that you want it to

Cutting down trees should always be left to the professionals who are trained in tree removal.  Please do not attempt to cut down the tree yourself. In the process of removing trees, limbs and finally removing the tree itself can fall and damage property or seriously injure someone.


Storms, trees dying, and other events can result in the need for tree removal, so do not be afraid to give Donelson Tree Service a call today at 615.456.2011.

Yes, we do storm tree cleanup for trees damaged by high winds or tornadoes.

Hermitage TN tree service
Tree service Donelson TN


in addition to our tree removal services, stump removal and stump grinding should be done with a tree is cut down. Trees are usually cut down leaving an unsightly and sometimes hazardous stump behind. We have the equipment to remove the stump so you do not have to worry about an unattractive stump on your property.  We also have the equipment to grind the stump and roots in the ground so you can plant another tree in its place, shrubs, flowers or grass. If not done properly, stump removal and grinding can be very dangerous. Over time if the stump is not removed it will decay and attract unwanted insects. We do not recommend the use of chemicals to remove stumps as this can be dangerous. 


Removing trees can be a difficult and dangerous task. Without the proper tree equipment, you could drop a tree on your home, vehicle or lawn, causing major damage. We use a grapple saw and in some cases a heavy duty crane together to remove trees of all sizes from your property quickly and safely.
When we are finished we will completely clean up any branches, debris, etc. left on your property.


Why grapple saws are so important for tree removal

  • Keep people safe during the removal process

  • Remove trees without damaging property

  • Remove trees quickly to reduce their risk of falling

Tree service Hermitage TN
Tree service Donelson TN

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