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Why Choose Donelson Tree Service

The owner of Donelson Tree Service, Darrell West grew up in Donelson TN and has over 25 years of tree and landscaping experience and we are fully insured.  Our primary goal is providing our customers with high quality, professional tree services at a reasonable and fair price.  We believe our customers are our best referrals and we strive hard to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction We offer FREE estimates with no obligation.


We provide quality, affordable and professional comprehensive tree services for residential, commercial, rental and foreclosed properties located in the Donelson TN, Hermitage TN, Madison TN, Old Hickory and the Opryland area of Nashville TN.

We know what it takes to provide a high quality result at an affordable price. Our proven history with repetitive business is due to our passion for customer service. Detailed workmanship when providing services is a priority. No tree job is to big or small. We have the proper equipment to get the job done quickly and safely without damaging your property, unlike some other tree service companies.. We are fully insured and covered by workers compensation.

Not taking care of trees on your property can cause serious damage to your property and people.  Do your trees or branches that look dead when the rest of the trees are staring to bloom in the Spring?  This is a sign that you may have a dead or decaying tree or branches of a tree that have died. Now is the time to call Donelson Tree Service so we can trim your tree branches or remove the tree before it falls on your property or neighbors property.  As always, we offer FREE no obligation estimates.  Call us at 615.456.2011.

Winter is hard on trees, tree branches and shrubs. Now it's time to think about Spring, Summer and Fall. Call us to help get your residential,  commercial or farm property outdoor areas ready for those all those fun events outside.  We can trim your trees and shrubs so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.  There is no tree job is too big or too small for Donelson Tree Service.


Tree trimming and tree removal can be dangerous for untrained home and property owners. Please let our tree professionals take care of this for you.  Your safety and the safety of your family, home and property are our top priority and we are trained, licensed and insure to hand this task for you.  We have all the tree equipment needed to handle the job, including:  buckets, chippers, stump grinders, chain saws, hand, gas and electric pruners and all the professional tools needed to do the job safely and right.

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Tree Service For Donelson, Hermitage and Opryland TN

Tree Service For Donelson, Hermitage, Madison, Old Hickory and Opryland TN

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